It's easy:  I just hand over  my files and get  finished results back.GeodataWIZ is an independent consultancy offering advanced processing and visualisation of geospatial and geoscience data. You receive results fast over the Internet so that you can get on with your work, reducing your reliance on expensive software and associated training.

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Geodata + Visualisation

Geodata + Visualisation. Processing and visualisation of geodata.
Archaeological and geophysical data analysis (e.g. 3D GPR).
Mapping of environmental parameters (e.g. soil properties).
GIS/CAD files (projection, conversion).
IT solutions, software development, Web interactive maps.

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Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical Surveys. Geophysical surveys especially for challenging sites and environments.
Quality of data to answer your questions.
GIS integration to deliver interpretations.
Get all your data and files in archivable formats.

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Consultancy + Training + Mentoring

Consultancy + Mentoring. Advice and assistance from an Independent Expert.
Evaluation and explanation of geophysical survey reports. Tailored Professional Training (TPT) in archaeological geophysics and the use of GIS for data presentation.
eResearch advice on science and IT.
Academic Mentoring through workshops, seminars and one-to-one sessions.
Creating an Archive of your digital project for deposition.

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better data + better graphics = better business

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