Consultancy + Training + Mentoring

Public engagement.With nearly two decades of experience we act as Independent Experts and provide advice and assistance in a variety of scientific and academic areas.

  • Review and design of geophysical survey briefs and reports
    • Advice on appropriate geophysical techniques and methodologies for your sites.
    • Evaluation of geophysical survey reports and explanation of their findings as Independent Expert.

  • Training

    • We deliver Tailored Professional Training (TPT) in archaeological geophysics, including the use of GIS for data presentation.

  • eResearch
    • Consultancy and advice on the deployment of interoperable spatial OGC Web Services (WFS, WMS, WCS) and data infrastructure.
      "Thank you for your expert consultations in geospatial, visualisation ... Your work has greatly benefited us in terms of driving forward some key deliverables across several project areas.” (A.B. 2011)
    • Advice on scientific fundamentals for large-scale collaborative projects (e.g. DART).

      "Thank you again for ... the detailed and sound advice you give us. We do very much appreciate it! ... You have definitely earned your consultancy fee" (A.C. 2011)

  • Academic Mentoring
    • Overview presentations and participant-led seminars on principles in archaeological and near-surface geophysics during international training workshops (York (UK) 2005; Grosseto (Italy) 2006; Ammaia (Portugal) 2011; Iasi (Romania) 2011).
      "It was a great chance for us to have your expertise and your lecturing here and I appreciate also much the comments” (F.V. 2011)

      "I want to thank you for your very interesting lectures and the amiability to discuss diverse things about geophysics” (A.A. 2011)

    • Postgraduate mentoring. Intensive one-to-one sessions with advanced doctoral students in archaeology and archaeological sciences. "I never had such useful discussions with my own supervisor" (W.A. 2010)

      "This session really helped me to decide what I want to emphasise in my thesis and what topics are just interesting sidelines" (M.N.C. 2011)

  • Data Archiving
    • Preparation and compilation of your digital project data into an Archive, ready for deposition with an Archiving Body.