Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical Surveys. We undertake specialised geophysical surveys for archaeological and near-surface applications, especially for challenging sites and environments.


Our success is not measured in 'hectarage' but by the quality of collected data that really help to answer your questions. Our results advance your archaeological and environmental investigations.


Examples of our portfolio include

  • low-contrast sites in Nepal and Turkey (including Buddha's birthplace at Lumbini and the ancient city of Pessinus with its hinterland),
  • sites of small and confined spaces, that are unsuitable for large-scale survey methodologies.

All available data, maps and documents are integrated into a GIS to deliver meaningful interpretations to our clients. The data (raw, processed and GIS/CAD files) can be provided in archive formats, following the latest guidelines from the ADS/Digital Archaeology.


If required, we can quickly deliver interim reports with brief preliminary assessments of results, and all final reports are compiled according to the latest guidelines.