How it works

We take 'cloud computing' to the next level. Don't just submit your precious data to a 'big dumb cloud server', but get the GeodataWIZ 'pixies' to work in our 'cloud' to produce the best results for you. That's why we call it 'pixie computing'.

1 You transfer your files to the GeodataWIZ 'cloud', using ftp, email or DVDs.
2 The data are processed and visualised by the GeodataWIZ 'pixies'.
3 Images and GIS/CAD files for your reports are transmitted back to you over the 'ether'-net.

How it is charged

The costs for the GeodataWIZ service are dependent on three factors:

a Ingest: How much work is needed to achieve an appropriate data structure and metadata information.
b Volume: The amount of supervised server processing.
c Extras: Georeferenced data and images are standard. Additional extras can include 3D data, 3D visualisations, automatically extracted anomaly shapes or even written reports.

What you will get

i Data images in Site Coordinates and Grid Coordinates that you can use immediately for your own reports and your GIS/CAD system.
i Well structured data folders with files in easily reusable formats that can be archived or handed to the client (GIS/CAD).
iii Metadata describing your original data as well as the new processed results.