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Armin SchmidtArmin Schmidt is an archaeological geophysicist and IT pioneer, initially trained as a physicist with a PhD from the RWTH Aachen, Germany. He has applied novel methods of geophysical prospection worldwide from Ecuador to Iran, Nepal and Japan, working as a researcher, and consultant to UNESCO. Until 2010 he led the archaeological geophysics research group and the MSc in Archaeological Prospection at the University of Bradford (UK). He now works as an independent consultant and researcher at GeodataWIZ.

He is Founder of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP), as well as co-founder of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) and of the Bradford Centre for Archaeological Prospection (B-CAP).

His specialisations are in near-surface geophysics for archaeological prospection and geoarchaeology; advanced geodata processing; and computer applications in archaeology. His main archaeological interests are in Iranian prehistory and South Asian archaeology.He has written books on geophysical data in archaeology, and on magnetometer and earth resistance surveys for archaeologists.

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