Improving the communication between subject specialists, for example between archaeologists and geophysicists/remote sensing experts, is of particular importance to us. Based on many years of interdisciplinary project work we facilitate smooth exchange of relevant information.

"Thank you for your expert consultations in geospatial [and] visualisation ... Your work has greatly benefited us in terms of driving forward some key deliverables across several project areas." (AB, Melbourne)

Project Management

We oversee geophysical survey projects that require the management of multiple tasks at the interface between different disciplines.

  • general site evaluation
  • analysis of geophysical requirements and advice on geospatial information
  • design of detailed project brief complying with EAC Guidelines
  • oversight of tender process, independent advice to help with the selection of one or more geophysical contractors
  • oversight of geophysical fieldwork
  • evaluation of survey data and report
  • assistance with archaeological evaluation of geophysical data.

"Thank you for sending me the explanation and briefing for the Geophysical Survey pilot projects to present to my colleagues. This makes things so much clearer." (KJ, Caen)

Data archiving

Design and implementation of a sustainable strategy for the archiving of your geophysical and other digital data, complying with published guidelines (e.g. from ADS) and statutory requirements.

"Thank you again for … the detailed and sound advice you give us. We do very much appreciate it!" (AC, Leeds)

System analysis

Evaluation of your project's or organisation's processes and software requirements, especially for distributed data storage and GIS usage (see also Training).

"I am very excited about these new tools for groundwater visualisation." (PD, Ballarat)