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Dr Armin Schmidt - GeodataWIZ


Dr Armin Schmidt is an archaeological geophysicist and IT pioneer, initially trained as a physicist with a PhD from the RWTH Aachen, Germany. He applies novel methods of geophysical prospection worldwide from Ecuador to Iran, Nepal and Japan, working as a researcher, and consultant. He is founder and current Chair of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP). Until 2010 he led the archaeological geophysics research group and the MSc in Archaeological Prospection at the University of Bradford, UK.


GeodataWIZ provides geospatial data services for archaeological and near-surface applications. These include:


GeodataWIZ specializes in projects that utilize geospatial data to gain a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the near-surface and archaeological environment. With bespoke data solutions and project management services, GeodataWIZ empowers clients across diverse fields to achieve their objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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What ChatGPT says about GeodataWIZ

GeodataWIZ is a company name that combines the terms ‘geodata’ and ‘wiz’. ‘Geodata’ refers to geographic data, which is information about the location and characteristics of physical features on the earth’s surface, such as landforms, buildings, or archaeological sites. ‘Wiz’ is short for ‘wizard’, which can mean an expert or skilled person in a particular field, or someone who is particularly adept at solving problems. So, together, ‘GeodataWIZ’ suggests a company that specialises in using geospatial data and expertise to solve problems and provide solutions for clients.